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Starter Box

Mix and Match starter box

It's cute, it's beautiful and it's giving you the chance to select 4 of our soaps without having to commit to a single one.

4 different soaps, or one large soap bar plus a lip balm, or a lip balm plus a soap bar plus a little one.......

Endless possibilities........

When you go to the checkout, please write us a note which lotion bar or soap samples you would like us to put in the starter BOX.



Box 1:

Contains: 4 soap samples of your choice

Select from:

KOME hair and body soap BOOM!

KOME hair and body soap OH!

KOME hair and body soap YAY!

KOME hair and body soap PURE!

ZEN black face and body soap LIQUORICE

ZEN black face and body soap PURE

CLEAN AS A WHISTLE cleaning soap

IN GOOD HANDS hand soap

Box 2:

Contains: 1 Lotion bar of your choice and 1 lip balm.

Select from:

Lotion Bar Spicy Flake

Lotion Bar Palmarosa Spritz

Lotion Bar Gin&Juice

Lotion Bar Mimosa

Lip Balm

Box 3:

Contains: 1 soap bar of choice, 1 lip balm, 1 soap sample of choice

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