Starter Box

Mix and Match starter box

It's cute, it's beautiful and it's giving you the chance to select 4 of our soaps without having to commit to a single one.

4 different soaps, or one large soap bar plus a lip balm, or a lip balm plus a soap bar plus a little one.......

Endless possibilities........

When you go to the checkout, please write us a note which lotion bar or soap samples you would like us to put in the starter BOX.



Box 1:

Contains: 4 soap samples of your choice

Select from:

Hair soap BOOM!

Hair soap OH!

Hair soap YAY!

ZEN black facial soap LIQUORICE

ZEN black facial soap OOOMPH!

CLEAN AS A WHISTLE cleaning soap

SHOGUN shaving soap

SENSITIVE SKIN, no essential oils

IN GOOD HANDS hand soap

Box 2:

Contains: 1 Lotion bar of your choice and 1 lip balm.

Select from:

Lotion Bar Spicy Flake

Lotion Bar Palmarosa Spritz

Lotion Bar Gin&Juice

Lotion Bar Mimosa

Box 3:

Contains: 1 soap bar of choice, 1 lip balm, 1 soap sample of choice