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In good hands

Moisturising luxury

Hand soap

bye-bye to dry hands - You will see and feel the difference

The hand bars contain lavish amounts of olive oil and luxurious Shea butter, both known for their nourishing properties for skin. We superfat our soaps generously so that your hands will never be dry. You will see and feel the difference!


Mandarin peel, coriander seed, bergamot essential oils, cocoa powder make for a wonderfully fruity, exotic and warm scent for the three-coloured hand soap.

These soap bars are all hand-made, they will all look slightly different in terms of mix of colour and pattern.

How to make your natural soap last

Natural soaps are high in natural glycerin and vegetable oils that will break down quickly if sat in a soggy soap dish. Let your soap dry properly. Please store unused natural soaps in a cool and dry place.

How to store your Hand soap

Take a look at our magnetic soap holders made from reclaimed timber. They are perfect on the wall next to your sink, and they can hold any of our soaps easily.

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