Feeling ZEN 禅 and Looking Peng

Moisturising Bamboo charcoal

Face and shower bars

for all skin types

Minimalist hair and body care. One soap, great skin.

These face and shower bars are non-comedogenic. They work for all skin types, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, blemished skin and they are great shower soaps!

How activated bamboo charcoal works

The activated charcoal freshface natural soap uses is made from bamboo. It is pure odourless and tasteless carbon specially processed to make it highly adsorbent of particles and toxins and other harmful substances. The activation process through steam and heat causes the carbon to form fissures and pockets in its surface that trap contaminants. In other words, charcoal acts like a magnet that draws out impurities or absorbs excess oil. Charcoal has antibacterial properties which – used consistently – can help to alleviate infections and keep acne in check.

Non-comedogenic means this soap does not clog up your pores

Your facial skin can be delicate and blemish easily. We have created a facial bar that does not use oils and fats that clog up your pores but instead cleanses your skin thoroughly and nourishes it at the same time. No coconut oil, no cocoa butter, but lots of Shea butter.

Black soap, black foam

Charcoal is a pitch-black powder, which affects the colour of the lather that these bars produce. Your sink will look grimy more quickly but can easily be cleaned with a cleaning cloth, a sponge or our fabulous new anti-odour FUKIN cloth. Your perfect skin will reward you for the occasional cleaning session. Why not try our fabulous cleaning soap?

How to make your natural soap last

Handmade natural soaps require a dry place in between uses. Natural soaps are high in natural glycerin and vegetable oils that will break down quickly if sat in a soggy soap dish. Industrial soaps are mechanically compressed, natural soaps harden naturally through the saponification and curing process. Let your soap dry properly. Please store unused natural soaps in a cool and dry place. For travelling try not to wrap it in plastic and do not use a plastic soap dish, as natural soaps need to breathe.

How to store your Facial bar

Take a look at our magnetic soap holders made from reclaimed timber. They are perfect on the wall next to your sink, and they can hold any of our soaps easily. Pop a crown (included) into the cleaning soap and the magnet will hold it safely in place. When you want to use your facial soap, just slide it off the magnet, use it and pop it back on. It's really that easy.