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The NEw


hand-made organic, vegan soap

for all skin types and hair

We maximise minimal

The new traditional is bringing back a natural, vegan and organic no-waste product that has

the power of simplicity,

the power of nature.


The ULTIMATE Wishlist

freshface-naturalsoap_Kome_Hair soap_ora

KOME: Hair & Body

freushface natural soap_Gesicht und Körp

ZEN: FacE & Body

freshface natural soap_soap on a rope_bl

Soap on a rope


Lotion Bars

Cleaning soap



Nawrap Fukins

freshface natural soap_vegan organic_lip balm

LIp Balm

DOG Soap

All Products

Why buy from us?





We are a no-waste company.

We promote the power and simplicity of nature.





Our ingredients are sourced locally, wherever possible.

We support other local businesses.





All our products are free from palm oil or other ingredients that are harmful to our skin or environment.

We are strictly cruelty-free.





Our products reflect who we are and what we believe in.





All the freshface natural soap products strictly contain what it says on the packaging.





We design and produce our soaps ourselves and wrap them by hand in our workshop near Zurich.





We only use natural and organic luxury vegetable fats and oils, and colour our soaps with organic plants, roots and clays.

Make the most of your natural soap with these sleek and simple magnetic soap holders made from reclaimed timber.

freshface natural soap_magneit soap hold


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