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One tiny plate, a million uses, perfect with our soapholders

What is mamezara?

Mamezaras or «bean plates» are tiny plates that have been used in Japan for centuries to hold small servings of food or condiments. They are hugely popular with collectors. Because of their usefulness and stunning designs and colours, people are increasingly using these little works of art for many other things. So are we!

Soap dishes

You have bought our magnetic soap holder and want a small plate on the sink to catch any drops? Exactly! Their stylish design, their cute shape and their durability make them the perfect accessory in the bathroom. And on the dinner table. We’re in love with them.

Soap holder mamezara 5.JPG
Soap holder mamezara 3.JPG

Who makes them?

The mamezaras we sell blend tradition with sophistication, and form with function. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted exclusively in Japan. In the process of making these mamezaras, original textile designs printed on washi paper are transferred onto ceramic ware with the help of a copper plate. Due to the nature of the process, each item has its own hue and its tiny intricacies.

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