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Dear customer


Our soaps' unique look and scent are the result of hard work and countless experiments with ever-changing soap recipes and designs; we make them all by hand.

The fact that you have either purchased one of our soaps or are browsing our website suggests that you too are concerned about industrially produced beauty and cleansing products and their potentially harmful ingredients. You too perhaps wish to get rid of all the plastic bottles and containers that are taking over your home. You are ready for an environmentally conscious zero-waste product that is budget-friendly and goes a long way, has not been tested on animals, is made from vegetable oils and fats and respects our planet’s natural resources.

Our thoughts exactly. So, we started experimenting with our first cold processed soap. It was an extraordinary experience for many reasons, which prompted us to devise our own recipes with organic high-quality vegan ingredients to get a step closer to our idea of the perfect soap. It soon became clear that we no longer needed any other cleansers and shower or hair products as these soaps were spectacularly suited to our skin and hair’s needs.

With the final recipes under our belts, we started to work on our own designs and soap models. Our soaps are exceptional and natural. They are free from phosphates, sulphates, parabens and palm oil or other ingredients that are harmful to either the environment or our skin; and the only waste they produce is the small sheet of Japanese wrapping paper they come with.

It is overwhelming to produce such a beautiful, natural and tailor-made product in terms of skin care and design by using the simplest and most authentic ingredients nature has to offer. Tackling the ancient craft of soap-making is immensely rewarding, if you choose to go the extra mile. We did.

Our soaps reflect who we are and what we believe in. A blend of Asian and Western elements, traditions and ingredients with a practical, no-frill, honest and exceptional take on things. 

Thank you for purchasing our products. Here’s to beautiful skin and gorgeous hair.

Kaori - Michèle - Linda

About the freshface natural soap logo













People often ask us about the origin of our logo and what it stands for.

We have designed our logo ourselves based on the ancient statues of the Buddhist temple guardian lions that are said to bring peace, wellbeing and prosperity, and ward off evil spirits and harm.

The lions are usually depicted in pairs of a male and a female, standing for power, growth and well-being. Modern temple lions are almost identical; however, one has its mouth open, the other closed. The pattern is Buddhist in origin and has a symbolic meaning: the enunciation of the word "om" to represent the beginning and the end of all things.

We believe in what we do and our products are authentic. The logo is round, representing the beginning and end of everything, male and female. The positive, powerful energy of the logo reflects our creative potential, our authenticity and more generally, our outlook on life.

the team behind freshface natural soap


Design, recipes and production

freshface natural soap was born as an idea one late evening and has now grown into a business that I'm immensely proud of, and I'm happy to share with you the results of all our hard work. Our authentic products are a reflection of a general mood and necessity to actively turn the tables around. We are doing just that. Thank you for helping us to grow bigger and have more of an impact.


Design, recipes and production

freshface natural soap has been such an exciting journey so far and I am looking forward to creating many more products that ultimately protect our natural resources and take care of our skin and hair at the same time. We can now present to you the very products that we really wanted to make and enjoy ourselves. Yay! Our products are authentic and reflect who we are and what we believe in. Thank you for believing in what we do.


Production, Sales and Marketing

In our team I am in charge of all things marketing and social media, and making sure these wonderful products get out there. Of all the soaps we make, the hand soap is my favourite. Making organic natural soap and knowing why you do it, is wonderfully rewarding. Please join us in our efforts to get rid of plastic bottles and other harmful waste. Let's show others that it can be done.

Thank you for your interest. We hope you've enjoyed browsing our website and that you love our products as much as we do.

We look forward to seeing you back soon.

In the meantime: Suntory Tiiiime! ;-)))