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Clean as a whistle

Organic solid household cleaner

that cleans simply everything

What can you clean with this cleaning soap?

Well, to be honest, everything! We clean the entire kitchen sink with it, we use it for the laundry, it efficiently cleans bathroom sinks, floors, dishes, bikes, showers, cars… the list is endless. It is environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient at the same time!

Before you use it, please try it on a tiny surface of the material you are going to use it on.

Why is our cleaning soap outstanding?

There are very few organic cleaning soaps available on the market as most hard soaps available contain cheap animal fats or cheap plant fats and oils. Our soap is organic and contains its natural glycerin, which is usually chemically removed in common hard soaps. Your hands will be grateful. We do not mechanically compress our soaps but we cure them for a good two months, which makes them rock solid and very durable and economical in the long run.

How to use the cleaning soap

No waste, no fuss, no frequent dashes to the supermarket. We love this soap because it goes a very long way. Simply rub it into a cloth or use it with your usual cleaning sponges. Or go natural and use our fukins!

Cleaning has suddenly become a tad more fun….

How to make your natural soap last

Natural soaps are high in natural glycerin and vegetable oils that will break down quickly if sat in a soggy soap dish. ILet your soap dry properly. Please store unused natural soaps in a cool and dry place.

How to store your cleaning soap

Take a look at our magnetic soap holders made from reclaimed timber. They are perfect on your kitchen wall or counter and can hold any of our soaps easily. It's really that easy.

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