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Why is soap so effective against viruses?

The structure of viruses is simple enough. The Coronavirus consists of proteins, its DNA and fats, so-called lipids; lipids act as a coat to the virus. Because natural soaps in particular contain fats that are very similar to the lipids in the viral membrane, they are particularly effective in dissolving the fatty bonds that hold the virus and its DNA together; the virus is neutralised as its protective fat layer is attacked and dissolved, a process which takes a good 20 seconds. To be on the safe side, wash your hands for 30 seconds and do include your wrists and the back of your hands, viruses and bacteria can be all over. Cold or warm water? They are equally effective.

freshface natural soap_hand soap_vegan_o
freshface naturalsoap_ZEN PURE_face and
freshface natural soap_natural vegan lip


soap on a rope

«MEDETAI» means joy, happiness and celebration in Japanese. The Medetai fish and is a symbol of good luck, giving it to someone means you wish them joy and happiness. Give a medetai to someone as a token of appreciation. We think they are stunning! Go and take a look, they are available NOW.

freshface natural soap, soap on a rope, organic, vegan


One tiny plate, a million uses

Mamezaras or «bean plates» are tiny plates that have been used in Japan for centuries to hold small servings of food or condiments. They are hugely popular with collectors. Because of their usefulness and stunning designs and colours, people are increasingly using these little works of art for many other things. So are we!

mamezaras all 8.JPG
Soap holder mamezara 5 - Kopie.JPG
Mamezara and jewellery.JPG
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