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Mix and Match starter box

It's cute, it's beautiful and it's giving you the chance to select 4 of our soaps without having to commit to a single one.

Lip Balm

Incredibly moisturising natural vegan lip balm in its sustainable push-up container.


Lotion bars

Looks like a bar of soap and acts like a lotion.

If you’re battling dry, chapped skin, this solid lotion bar is what you’ve been waiting for. The unique blend of natural oils, plant waxes and butters is a zero-waste miracle for your hands. And these bars smell incredible. Come and get them.

NAWRAP FUKIN ふきん – a different type of towel

Nawrap fukins are natural towels from Japan, made with durability and functionality in mind.

Each cloth or towel features a multilayer weave and a textured cleaning surface with superior absorbency and cleansing power when wet.

All these extraordinary properties make fukins perfect for the kitchen, the home or your body.

Easy on the skin and easy on the environment.

Two new fukins and a tea towel

Available NOW

NEW Magnetic soap holders: Birch and ASh!

Made from reclaimed Swiss timber to keep your natural soaps safe and dry.

Hand-produced locally.