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Lotion Bars

Looks like a bar of soap and acts like a lotion

Looks like a bar of soap and acts like a lotion

If you’re battling dry, chapped skin, this solid lotion bar is what you’ve been waiting for. The unique blend of natural oils, plant waxes and butters is a zero-waste miracle for your hands. And these bars smell incredible. Come and get them.



Palmarosa Spritz

Spicy Flake


100% hand-made, no-waste production

100% natural, vegan and organic

Fantastically nourishing and protective

A tiny bit goes a veeery long way


How to use a lotion bar

Remove your lotion bar from the tin container. Rub the lotion bar lightly between your hands; your body heat will soften it, release the nourishing oils and allow you to easily massage it into your skin.


Rub it into your hands, elbows, wherever you feel your body needs moisturising or a bit of extra attention. Lock in that moisture. Your feet will love it, too. Lotion bars do wonders for your skin, and your nails.



Lotion bar or hand cream?

A lotion bar IS a hand cream, just more solid. It is completely natural and cruelty-free. They are little, non-greasy miracle workers. The cute little round tin container fits into every bag and pocket, so you always have it on hand. The mix of waxes it contains keeps it solid even in warmer temperatures. We only use vitamin E and a few drops of grapefruit essential oil as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals.



Sustainable and refillable tin containers

In the interest of our environment, we use sustainable, refillable tin containers. Made from tin and not aluminium, they are less suitable for water-based creams. Make sure you dry the containers when they get wet.

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