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DOG Shampoo bars

Against ticks and fleas

Rich in lauric acid for a natural, non-toxic insect-repellent effect. against ticks and fleas.

DOG - Dog shampoo bar



Of course it won't kill your dog if you lather them up with your own shampoo, but it will quickly give them itchy skin and there will be a lot of scratching.

We use coconut oil, black cumin seed oil and sunflower oil, because they are rich in lauric acid, which acts as a reliable and chemical-free and non-toxic repellent against fleas and ticks. Your pet can lick its coat and be perfectly safe.

We superfat DOG generously to recondition your dog's coat and skin, and we scent it only very lightly, with a tiny amount of essential oils that have been selected for their insect-repelling properties, either lavender, lemongrass, citronella, or rosemary. Please note that ESSENTIAL OILS MUST NOT BE USED ON CATS.

How to use DOG

Instead of lathering the bar up in your hands, rub it into your dog's wet coat directly. It creates a much richer lather and cleanses and conditions more thoroughly. Lather up and rinse with warm water as you normally would.

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